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Personal Injury

Personal injury claims arise when people are injured intentionally or by the carelessness of another. This can be due to an automobile accident, a defective product, malpractice, a slip and fall on another’s property, or a dog bite. 

When someone is determined to be legally accountable for injuring another, he or she is liable for the injury and can be made to pay the injured person compensatory damages.

Compensatory damages attempt to put the injured person back in the position he or she would have been had the injury not taken place. Compensatory damages include the specific monetary losses encountered by the injured party (e.g. lost wages and medical bills) and general damages for the non-monetary aspects of injury (e.g. pain and suffering). In some cases, punitive damages are awarded to punish the wrongdoers and prevent them from doing additional harm.

The Law Office of Brian P. Baltzell handles a variety of personal injury claims for clients in Missouri. Understanding and knowing your rights is essential to successfully navigating your way through the claim process. Don't assume the insurance company will properly advise you. Our job is to fight to get you a recovery that will allow you to get back to financial stability.

If you or a loved one has been injured, before you speak to the insurance company, call our office at (816) 841-4941. Initial consultations are always free.



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